Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Brad McMurray

Brad McMurray is a Vancouver based photographer. His work frames the mundane and forces us to re-examine bleak forgotten spaces that are endlessly recognisable and yet continuously overlooked. His rusty, dusty industrial landscapes are broken and dirty, and yet there seems to be an essential beauty in the world he conjures. McMurray's skill lies in his ability to look beneath the surface and uncover a harmonious composition of lines, shapes and textures.

The photographic equivalent of Duchamp's Fountain and Emin's My Bed, McMurray's work follows in the historical footsteps of art that reconstitutes our perception of everyday life simply by telling us to look at it. That which would otherwise be ignored is given a new existence as the surreal subject of a perfectly composed scene. It might at times seem bizarre or odd, but the overriding sensation is one of déjà vu. We all inhabit these spaces, and yet only by understanding them as McMurray does can we truly see them.


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